Tips for garage sale buyers and sellers

Ask for photo ID when someone want to pay using a check

CROMWELL, Conn. (WTNH) — Now that the warmer months are here, each weekend you’ll see people buying and selling at neighborhood garage sales. While you can score a great deal, experts suggest you avoid buying certain items.

Potentially dangerous items include: bicycle and motorcycle helmets, cribs and child car seats. The problem with these items is you may not know if they’ve been recalled, or if they were damaged and poorly repaired.

You’re also urged to avoid used electronics, computers and furniture. While they may be cheap if you discover a problem when you get home you may end up paying more for repairs anyway.

Now, if you’re the one doing the selling:

The BBB warns you about $20 bills. They are popular with counterfeiters who will unload their fake currency on untrained sellers. To protect yourself, you may want to consider buying one of those pens that can detect the fake ones.

Also, ask for photo ID when someone want to pay using a check.

And if it’s possible, have your sale away from your home so nobody sneaks in when you’re not looking.

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