Helmet Heads: Protect your coconut!

helmet heads
Colorado doctor creates "Helmet Heads" program to teach kids the importance of bicycle helmets.

(KUSA) Students at Wheeling Elementary School in Aurora, Colorado stare intently as a dumbbell falls down a tube headed straight for a helpless coconut. In a spit second, the coconut goes splat!

The children erupt in applause, which is just what Dr. Bruce Evans,an emergency doctor with Kaiser Permanente, knew they would do.

Evans uses the coconut experiment to demonstrate how much damage can be done to a person’s skull if they get into a bicycle accident and are not wearing a helmet.

“There are about a half a million ER visits a year just from bicycle accidents,” said Evans. “Unfortunately, a lot of those involve head injuries. Many of those injuries are preventable or wouldn’t be nearly as severe if kids had their helmets on.”

That’s why Evans created the Helmet Heads program. Evans and a team of volunteer medical professionals travel to schools in the Denver and Aurora area, giving away helmets. Many of the children who receive them have never owned a helmet.

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