CT man arrested for building, stocking assault rifles for sale

Giannone is out on $100,000 bond

(CNN) – 44 year old Michael Giannone was inside Danbury Superior Court Monday afternoon for his arraignment after being arrested again on firearms charges.

According to Connecticut State Police, Giannone manufactured and sold weapons, including assault style rifles, directly from his house. Police raided the home back in March and first arrested Giannone.

State Police seized 59 complete firearms; 48 were legal, along with nine illegal unregistered rifles, which included two AK-47s and five AR-15s. Illegal silencers, 65 high-capacity magazines, and more than 10,000 rounds of live ammunition.

Connecticut State Trooper Kelly Grant said, “As of right now this part of the investigation is complete. However if it does branch off into anything else troopers will continue their investigation.”

Neighbor John Spring said, “I believe in the Second Amendment, but I believe there are limitations to that, you know?”

Giannone is out on $100,000 bond and charged with numerous firearms violations. He’s due back in court July 18th.

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