Who doesn’t want to be Hillary Clinton’s VP?

Contenders to be Hillary’s VP have been busy dodging the question

(CNN) – It’s like the dating game, but the only date that really matters is when Hillary Clinton actually picks her VP. Until then, it’s guesswork. Wolf Blitzer, of CNN, said, “Your name has been mentioned.” Stephen Colbert, from CBS’s “The Late Show”, went on to say, “There are rumors you’re in Vice President training camp?”

VP training camp involves lavishly praising your possible boss, even paraphrasing a Bon Jovi tune, while in the singer’s presence. Senator Cory Booker, from New Jersey, explained, “I hate to contradict Bon Jovi, but Dear God Hillary Clinton, you give love a good name.”

Jeanne Moos, CNN National Correspondent, commented with, “A good VP candidate has to master the art of deflection, the ability to bat away those pesky VP questions without ever saying never.”

However, sometimes while batting away, they swing and they miss. Dana Bash, of CNN, “Are you being vetted? Rep. Xavier Becerra, of California, said, “Happy Father’s Day, your father is well. I to my knowledge I can’t tell you I know.”

A favorite technique is to laugh off the question. Jake Tapper, from CNN, “You wouldn’t say no would you? Booker responded, “First I’m already her VP, her vegan pal.”

If you’re not a vegan, you can always cite your current job. Senator Elizabeth Warren, from Massachusetts, said, “I love the work I do.” Senator Tim Kaine, of Virginia, followed with, “You know I really love my job.”

Or you can dismiss the question entirely. Brooke Baldwin asked, “Would you say yes?” Julian Castro, head secretary, said, “That is not going to happen so not going to hypothesize about that.”

Only a comedian would actually announce he’s running for VP. Oprah Winfrey asked Jimmy Kimmel, “You need a good slogan?” Kimmel responded with, “A good solid number two, that’s my slogan.”

Sometimes a potential candidate can be a little too solid, a little too honest.

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