Swimmer’s ear season arrives

swimmers ear
With kids hitting the pool to beat the heat, doctors are seeing an increase in the condition commonly known as "swimmer's ear".

(KPLC) Summertime and swimming: the two go hand-in-hand and that unfortunately brings on a common reason for patients to see ear, nose, and throat doctors like Brad LeBert at ENT & Allergy Clinic in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Dr. LeBert says the number of patients presenting with the painful ear infection, swimmer’s ear, rises with the summer heat.

“We really do see a peak incidence in the summertime, when there’s a lot more people headed to the pools and the lakes and the waterways,” Dr. LeBert says. “The warmer the weather, the higher the incidence we typically see of this particular problem.”

Unlike an infection of the middle ear, Dr. LeBert says swimmer’s ear happens when bacteria grow in the ear canal.

“When water gets in here, it gets stuck around wax or just irritates the ear canal,” he explains. “The ear canal swells and that’s when you start to get some small cracks in the tissue that serve as a harbor for infection, which is what leads to outer ear infections or swimmer’s ear.”

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