Surfing pigs turn heads at the beach

2 generations of man, 3 generations of pig

(CNN) – “When pigs fly.” It’s a phrase many of us have heard before as a way to describe the seemingly impossible.

But what about the phrase – “when pigs surf?”

You probably haven’t heard that much, maybe because in Hawaii, they already are.

Kai Holt and his son Braiden love to surf. So do their pigs.

One or two years ago, pig Kama was still small enough to get on the board. Nowadays he’s too big, weighing more than 300 pounds.

His owner, Kai, says a pet pig’s surf life is about 12 months. “By the time the world gets a load of the first one, a year has already gone by.”

Luckily for Kai, Kama had a kid, Kama 2. “His son, Kama 2, surfs with my son.”

But Kama 2’s getting too big as well. So on this Father’s Day, the father-son team introduced a new pig to Sandy Beach: Kama 3, daughter of Kama 2 and grandchild of Kama 1.

He rides with Braiden. “The pig he usually sticks his tongue out when he’s riding because he likes the wind and breeze.”

2 generations of man, 3 generations of pig.

Add it all up, and they’ve got a whole lot of memories for the ages to come.

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