Holyoke School District has laid off 74 teachers

78 teachers were laid off in 2015

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News spoke with Holyoke School Districts “receiver,” Dr. Stephen Zrike, who said the teachers were notified their contracts weren’t renewed due to shifts in programs, budget constraints, or a lack of proper certification.

Dr. Zrike said it had nothing to do with the fact the district is entering into its second year of under state control. He said “74″ is actually fewer than last year, when 78 teachers were laid off, and 2 years ago when 124 teachers were laid off.

This does not mean 74 jobs were cut. He said the district is actively looking to fill a majority of those positions, and some who were laid off may return.

“Some of them were excellent additions to the staff, and if they’re able to make progress in their certification, then we would certainly ask them to come back and we will be asking some of those staff to come back,” said Dr. Zrike.

He add that to balance the budget for the next fiscal year, they did have to cut 17 positions in the central office in order to keep the same resources for classrooms.

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