Gypsy moth caterpillars spreading into Brimfield

Caterpillars have been particularly bad this year in south central Massachusetts, and are spreading westward

gypsy moth damage brimfield
Damage to a forested hillside in Brimfield caused by gypsy moth caterpillars.

BRIMFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Last week, 22News showed you some of the damage caused by gypsy moth caterpillars in the eastern Hampden County town of Holland, but that town is not the only one in our region dealing with these troublesome creatures.

A hillside near the Brimfield Flea Market has seen its foliage devoured by the very hungry caterpillars.

According to Ryan O’Leary, a project manager for Northern Tree Service, the mild winter we saw has contributed to the large number of caterpillars this year. Many property owners did not spray their trees ahead of time, and that has also allowed the caterpillars to climb the trees and dine on the leaves.

This year, gypsy moth caterpillars have been particularly active in south central Massachusetts, and they are inching their way westward, as seen in Holland and Brimfield. They are also a problem in eastern Massachusetts, particularly on Cape Cod, where their presence is an annual issue.

gypsy moth damage brimfield 2
Damage from gypsy moth caterpillars in Brimfield

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