Friend describes “red flags” ahead of Orlando

Orlando, Flor. (NBC News) – More than a week after the massacre in Orlando, more details are emerging about the gunman and self-proclaimed “Islamic-warrior” Omar Mateen.

Federal agents say he was in the Pulse nightclub briefly, around midnight, prior to the shooting, then returned two hours later to carry out his killing spree.

Mohammad Malik considered himself a friend, even a mentor to Mateen. He says two years ago Mateen told him he had been watching radical Muslim sermons online.

“This is something that raised a red flag, when he told me they were powerful, it raised it even higher, to where I went back to the FBI and told them he had seen these videos, and he was somebody that should be watched,” Malik says.

Malik says he never heard from the FBI after his initial call and assumed there was nothing to worry about, until that night.

“That’s the first thing that goes through your mind, is that innocent people got hurt,” he says now.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Loretta Lynch visited families of the victims and survivors Tuesday in Orlando and announced the Justice Department will provide an additional million dollars in emergency funds for the area.

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