‘Fragrance’ can be harmful in products

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Fragrance is a huge part of our lives, but not all scents are necessarily something we want to inhale on a daily basis.  Jennifer Steiner, Certified Holistic Health Coach from Healthy Healing Wellness  joined us to show safe alternatives.

Fragrance is found in:
Perfume cologne
Scented candles
Cleaning products…
But, fresh and clean have no smell!

These products usually contain many chemicals that can lead to:
Early onset puberty in young girls, which can increase their risk of breast cancer later in life.
Birth defects in male fetuses
Thyroid disorders
Developmental and behavior disorders

Safer alternatives:
Buy unscented products and look for fragrance or perfume in the ingredient list.
Shampoo and lotion should be scented only with plant-based essential oils like lavender, etc.
Skip the mountain rain freshness laundry detergent. Switch to a plant based detergent or, better yet, make your own and put a few drops of essential oils in the mix.
Skip the dryer sheets. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon only produce static cling. Using natural fiber clothing eliminates the need for dryer sheets.
If you must use them, put a small cloth or rolled up socks with essential oils into the dryer.
Pass on the perfume. With this you are inhaling all of the chemicals throughout the day. Again, essential oils.
Avoid chemical air fresheners. Essential oils, diffuser, spritzer with oils.

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