Community Development Block Grant money helping smaller cities and towns

Most of the funding goes toward housing rehabilitation for low-income residents

Massachusetts State House Photo: Thinkstock

BOSTON (WWLP) – Fifty-seven Massachusetts cities and towns received millions of dollars in grant money to help low-income residents. The Community Development Block Grant is unique because it focuses on communities with fewer than 50,000 residents.

The communities awarded the funding Tuesday by the Baker Administration received a total of $28 million. The funding will help several local projects in western Massachusetts.

West Springfield received $825,000 to make improvements to the Memorial Playground and to update the Boys and Girls Club facility.

Most of the grant money, however, will go toward housing rehabilitation assistance, to help low-income families bring their homes up to code so that they do not end up homeless.

State Rep. Todd Smola (R-Warren) told 22News that the grant will help smaller, rural towns that often get left behind when it comes to funding.

“The state sets aside these resources very specifically in order to help smaller municipalities in the Commonwealth move forward with projects they couldn’t otherwise afford,” Smola said.

The program is funded with federal tax dollars, and cities and towns had to apply for the grant to be eligible.

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