Coast Guard rescues couple from raft in Massachusetts

The couple went out on the water without cell phones or life jackets

(CNN) – Images from the Coast Guard show the Cohasset couple in their raft just before being rescued about nine miles off the coast line. The pair was found at 4 a.m.; 12 hours after heading out of the water.

Chris Russo, Hull fire and rescue chief, said, “Yeah they’re lucky, right. This is a pin in the middle of the ocean.”

That pin was this, their small raft about 10 feet long. The dark green color hard to see in the darkness. After a three-hour search by air and water the coast guard was able to spot them thanks to a cigarette lighter

Russo explained, “The woman happened to have a cigarette lighter, was flicking her light, and that caught their attention.”

The Coast Guard got the pair off their raft safely brought them onto the rescue boat. They were brought back to pemberton pier in hull, where ems was waiting.

Russo continued, “We received them from the coast guard in good health. They walked up to the ambulance they climbed in the ambulance they were evaluated and ultimately they said you know we want to just go home we don’t want to be transported.”

The couple went out on the water without cell phones or life jackets. It was their son who reported them missing after he hadn’t heard from them.

Russo followed with, “We have this every summer we go through this where people get on these rubber rafts and we have these offshore winds and they just get pushed immediately offshore and once they get out away from the lay of the land they are out in the middle of the ocean.”

Officials say what happened in Massachusetts is a good reminder for people to wear life jackets and have a radio on hand when rafting.

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