Clinton targets Trump’s wallet

Trumps campaign has under $2 million total

WASHINGTON (NBC News) – Hillary Clinton charged Tuesday that Donald Trump’s economic plans and his temperament are dangerous.

“Just like he shouldn’t have his finger on the button he shouldn’t have his hands on our economy,” she said, warning that Trump would trash the auto industry, stock prices, and family savings.

Clinton’s campaign currently has $42 million with another $52 million in her Super-PAC, while the Trump campaign has under $2 million total.

Trump, who met Tuesday with nervous Christian conservatives, put out his first fundraising email, but complained that Republicans are not contributing.

“I’m having more difficulty frankly with some of the people in the party than I am with the Democrats, because they’re just, they don’t want to come on,” Trump said.

He also touched on the idea of partially funding his own campaign.

“I have a lot of cash, and I may do it again in the general election, but it would be nice to have some help from the party,” Trump said.

Still, Trump trails Clinton in two battleground states with less money and a significantly smaller staff.

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