American man piecing together mystery of MH370

An Australian team is leading the search for the Boeing 777

(CNN) – An American man says he’s found what could be the first personal items belonging to passengers.

The multinational hunt for MH370 has become the most expensive aviation investigation in history. Yet of all the discoveries to date, most have been uncovered by one American man.

Former Seattle-based lawyer Blaine Gibson is hooked on the mystery of MH370. His most recent discovery – about 20 pieces believed to be the first personal items belonging to passengers.

Gibson says he uncovered them on Riake Beach, on a small island off the north-eastern coast of Madagascar.

These are not the first items uncovered by Gibson. Earlier this month, he found two other pieces on the same stretch of beach – one thought to be part of a plane seat. And in March the former lawyer found a piece of grey metal stamped ‘no step’ in Mozambique.

Gibson says, “I make no claims that any of these pieces are from MH370, but simply because they were found on the same beach as 5 pieces of probable debris means they need to be investigated thoroughly.”

When MH370 vanished, Gibson packed up his life in the U.S. and has spent the last year scouring for pieces of the aircraft. “My interim observations, these indicate that the plane crashed in the somewhere in Indian Ocean south of the equator, in a forceful impact”

The Malaysia Airlines flight vanished in March 2014 between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing – with 239 people on board. Debris thought to be from the plane has washed up on beaches in Mozambique, Mauritius and Reunion Island and Australia’s kangaroo island.

An Australian team is leading the search for the Boeing 777 – along with officials from Malaysia and China. That search is expected to end in August.

Gibson says, “We need more clues to solve this mystery.  We need to find answers.  The families deserve this”

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