What led to firing of Trump’s campaign manager?

The shakeup comes after a brutal stretch for Trump

(CNN) – The uprising against Donald Trump’s sharp-elbowed campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, had been building for weeks.

Then over the weekend, campaign sources tell CNN, the mutiny began.

With Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, her husband and campaign adviser Jared Kushner, along with Trump’s sons and campaign chairman Paul Manafort all pleading with Trump to fire Lewandowski.

As one source put it, “the family was not happy.”

Another adviser added that Manafort, a Lewandowski rival, told Trump it’s him or me.

Lewandowski told CNN’s Dana Bash he had no idea why he was fired, but sources say the family was outraged over Lewandowski’s handling of Michelle Fields, the reporter he grabbed on video, leading to charges that were later dropped.

Other campaign sources accused Lewandowski of egging on Trump’s more inflammatory remarks, notably on a Mexican-American judge overseeing the lawsuits against Trump University. (“This judge is of Mexican heritage. I’m building a wall, okay? I’m building a wall.”)

As one Trump staffer tweeted, “Ding, dong, the witch is dead…”

Lewandowski brushed that off. “In all campaigns you’ve got detractors and you’ve got supporters. Things change as a campaign evolves. I said to him it’s been an honor and a privilege to be a part of that. And I mean that.”

But the campaign shakeup comes after a brutal stretch for Trump, including sagging poll numbers weighed down by a series of unforced errors.

The latest Monmouth poll out Monday shows Trump trailing Hillary Clinton by seven points in a general election matchup.

Trump advisers are downplaying Lewandowski’s departure.  Trump Campaign Senior Adviser Barry Bennett says, “Listen, I think we’re shifting to a new phase of the campaign as we approach the convention.”

But they are pointing to a new campaign structure that’s now in place. Manafort is now fully in charge of the campaign, right under Trump. The roles of trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are clearly growing inside the campaign.

Donald Trump says, “Jared is a very successful real estate person but I actually think he likes politics more than he likes real estate.”

But Trump hasn’t always taken their advice. “Ivanka would say be more presidential. And I started thinking – and I said I can, you know, being presidential is easy.”

The question now for the Trump campaign, GOP sources say, is whether the candidate will change as well. That, or just continue to stir controversy, like with his comments this weekend about the Orlando shooting. “If you had somebody with a gun strapped on to their hip, somebody with a gun strapped on to their ankle, and you had bullets going in the opposite direction, right at this animal who did this, you would’ve had a very, very different result, believe me folks.”

Meanwhile, the Trump adviser who sent out that “ding dong the witch is dead” tweet is also out of a job. Michael Caputo resigned as head of operations for Trump’s caucus operations team.

Caputo said in hindsight, the tweet was “too exuberant a reaction” to a personnel move.

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