Bees trapped inside car force police to close Mass. neighborhood

At least one woman was stung

FITCHBURG, Mass. (CNN) – “We saw a bunch of bees coming out of a red car.”

A crime, of bees. The swarm trapped inside a car, and unleashed when someone opened the trunk.

They kept families at a distance.

The car trunk open, just enough for the bees to get out and attack.

Police roped off the Fitchburg neighborhood while bee-keepers suited up, and removed several hives full of bees.

At least one woman was stung, although her injury was minor.

But for neighbor Pedro Viscaino, a simple sting could mean trouble. “Being allergic I was kind of worried, but we went across the street. They weren’t over there. I was just watching from a close but safe distance.”

“I was going around the houses, around the back just to avoid the bees.”

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