Research highlights unexpected hazards of swimming pools

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The weather is hot and it’s pool season. New research from the University of South Carolina shows that the chemicals we use on our bodies every day can interact with the chlorine in pools and have a dangerous effect.

The findings show that soap, hair spray, cologne, our body’s own sweat and urine can all mix together with chlorine to create harmful byproducts that could potentially cause bladder cancer and breathing problems.

“I usually don’t pee in the pool just out of respect for that person. I don’t even think of doing that,” Andre Mensah said. “They have a bathroom, so why don’t you just use it?”

Chelsea Jenkins also said she never considered that someone would urinate in a public pool. “I’m more concerned about the people getting in who’ve been sweating all day and they are just kind of gross. I wash before and after, just for courtesy.”

Experts say the biggest concern is with hot tubs and pools that are not well ventilated. But the research isn’t enough to make experts recommend you avoid pools altogether, just to rinse off before and after.

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