That’s not the manager! German soccer club busted for photo flub

(MEDIA GENERAL) – When professional sports franchises sign a player, they tend to follow a similar public relations model: Sign a player, tout the news to excite your fan base, snap a photo of your prized player posing with your team’s jersey alongside team management.

FC St. Pauli, a club that plays in the second level of the German Bundesliga, tried to sneak one past their fans, and, well … they got caught.

The club recently secured a contract with 22-year-old striker Marvin Ducksch and was eager to show off their new player wearing their kit. One problem: manager Ewald Lienen wasn’t around to introduce Ducksch and pose for a photo. Solution: Just print a mask of Lienen’s face and have some guy wear it!

And they would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those pesky Twitter followers.

Within minutes, the club’s tweet got responses asking about Lienen’s face.

“What happened with the face of Ewald?” a Tweeter named Andreas asked, loosely translated from German.

Realizing they were caught, the club confessed to their scheme, showing the mask.

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