Report issued on preventing sexual assaults on campus

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A new report calls on the state’s 29 public colleges and universities to make it easier for students to report sexual assault. The report was prepared by a team of security consultants and given to the state’s board of education.

It recommends that schools put in place training for students on respecting genders, cultures and sexual consent. The report also suggests bystander intervention, a policy that UMass Amherst has already been doing. Their UMatter campaign encourages students to be an active bystander, recommending that if you see something, say something.

Allie Levine, a UMass graduate, told 22News that she remembers seeing posters. “When I was a student here and lived in the dormitories. I remember there were always posters around to give you some education. Don’t be a bystander. If something happens, say something and here are the people you can reach out to and contact for help.”

The report talks about how important it is to talk with men about sexual assault, specifically fraternities and athletes. The report suggests an extra focus on making sure vulnerable populations like the LGBTQ community, students with disabilities and international students are protected.

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