Bishop’s Orlando response goes viral

viral bishop
A letter penned by Bishop Robert Lynch calls for change, saying religion, including his own, often "breeds contempt for the LGBT community".

(WFLA) In the wake of the nightclub shooting in Orlando, a Florida Catholic leader is sending a message. Bishop Robert Lynch, of the Diocese in St. Petersburg, wrote a letter about the massacre, in which 49 people were killed at a gay club.

The letter, published Monday on a blog, has gone viral. Bishop Lynch touched on several controversial topics.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for ministers to get politically involved, but I believe it’s very appropriate for us to talk about issues when those issues somehow are in conflict with the commandments: to love one another, to live in peace and harmony with each other, to respect each other,” Bishop Lynch said.

He takes on religion and says, sadly, it can target and breed contempt for the LGBT community. “I also felt that the targeting and the language that’s often used, including often used by Catholics, relative to the LGBT community, it doesn’t do any good. it harms,” the bishop said.

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