How is the debt crisis in Puerto Rico affecting western Mass.?

Right now, Puerto Rico is struggling with $70-billion of debt

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – This year’s Puerto Rican parade is particularly important to the Puerto Rican community here in western Massachusetts.

Right now, Puerto Rico is struggling with $70-billion of debt. The government there is supposed to make a $2-billion payment at the end of the month, but they’ve missed other payments in the past.

22News asked our Puerto Rican leaders how this crisis is impacting our communities. Adam Gomez, Springfield City Councilor said, “There are people that live here already that have problems with housing, snap or benefits. Then when they come here, I don’t think the state or the city is ready for an influx of that magnitude.”

Puerto Rico is looking to restructure their debt with the U.S., but the Supreme Court shot that possibility down yesterday. Now, Puerto Rico is hoping Congress will take action. The house passed a rescue package last week, but the senate hasn’t voted on it yet.

Bill passed to help Puerto Rico’s financial crisis

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