Western Mass reacts to Orlando shooting

There are claims that the suspect had ties to ISIS

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – At least 50 people murdered by a gunman in an Orlando, Florida nightclub early Sunday morning. It’s now the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, but it is also an attack on the LGBT community. This Orlando massacre shocked the world, including many right here in western Massachusetts.

Maria Vancini, out of Westfield, told 22News, “It breaks my heart to have it happen on our soil and I really think that we need to start getting really serious about doing something about it.”

Anna Markevich, another Westfield woman who works in the beverage field, explained to 22News she’s frightened by the prospect of a possible attack like this at her work place, “I work at a brewery, It’s kind of scary to hear about that kind of stuff happening. You hear about shootings but not normally about ISIS related things, usually people are being crazy and drunk. The fact that its ISIS related really strikes close to home because we’ve been dealing so much with terrorism and things that we just can’t control.”

There are claims that the suspect had ties to ISIS. One western Massachusetts woman of the Islamic faith, Dana Avuhamvan, told 22News that this is not at all what her faith is about, “In the Koran it (lv) says if you kill one person you killed humanity, I don’t understand how someone could belong to Islam and do something like that.”

This vigil will be going on until 8 o’clock Sunday, all are welcome.

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