Changing Weather Patterns In New England

People from New England are used to the changing weather patterns

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The weather cannot seem to make up its mind lately. 22News is working for you with why the sudden changes in the forecast.

People in western Massachusetts are in awe of the weather lately. After leaving May in the lower 90s the month of June really hasn’t been too bad. Just the past couple of days western Massachusetts has been enjoying lower 70s and low humidity.

Bob Beebe, from Westfield, has been lovely the weather lately as he told 22News, “This is my kind of weather, I don’t like the humidity in fact that’s the worst part of the weather in this part of the country. I don’t mind the winter, I don’t mind the cold but I don’t like the humidity.”

Most people from New England are used to the fast changing weather patterns. One of the reasons it has been cooler here in the Northeast is thanks to the jet stream, a narrow band of fast moving air currents that helps control different air masses high up in the atmosphere. When the jet stream takes a dip below New England it brings down a cooler air mass with it making us here in western Massachusetts feel slightly cooler than average.

Average high temperatures for this time of the year is in the upper 70s, making us at least 10 degrees below average at times. Dew point, the amount of moisture in the air that helps us figure out what the air feels like, have also been low. Making the air feel comfortable, and even refreshing at times.

Michelle Vers, from Feeding Hills, told 22News, “The last few days have been perfect expect for that rain this is a absolutely great way to end the weekend.”

When western Massachusetts experienced stronger thunderstorms, one the reasons why the main threat was hail in the storms was because of the cooler air aloft. Perfect ingredients for the formation of hail, cooler air high within storm clouds.The cooler temperatures and low humidity also fizzled out some of our storms on Saturday. Strong thunderstorms thrive on sun and high humidity.

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