Valley Gun Buyback held in Northampton and Greenfield

All of the guns collected at the buyback are put into recycling bins, they'll be brought to a Greenfield recycling plant to be ground up.

NORTHAMPTON- Mass. (WWLP) – For the second time the police departments in Northampton and Greenfield hosted a gun buyback event Saturday.

People were lined up before the event even started to trade their unwanted working guns in for a $50 gift card.

The event was sponsored by the northwestern District Attorney’s Office, Baystate Health and Valley Medical Group.

“It came to be because of the issue of people having unwanted guns in their homes and the public safety issue that comes. When people have firearms in their houses that they don’t want they don’t know how to dispose of them properly, they end up just laying around it can become a problem if children or grandchildren find them and start playing with them,” said Dan Carey of the District Attorney’s Office.

All of the guns collected at the buyback were put into recycling bins; they’ll be brought to a Greenfield recycling plant to be ground up.

At the first gun buy back in October of 2013, a total of 301 guns were collected, 160 in Greenfield and 141 in Northampton.

The reason for the event is to get unwanted working guns out of people’s homes, so that they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

“I lost my only child to suicide 17 years ago, he used a gun”, said Linda Shippie. “The gun was in our home and I never thought it would be used for anything other than protection if somebody were breaking in and trying to hurt our family. Guns left unattended in a home, unlocked can be used for such dangerous and lethal reasons.”

The departments also collected unwanted ammunition, but people did not receive cash for that.

This event was completely anonymous.

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