Snake falls off dashboard onto driver’s feet

The Washington County Sheriff`s office called out animal control which eventually caught the snake

(CNN) – Kelly Swisher, who had the snake in her car, said, “As soon as it landed on my feet, I felt it,” What was meant to be a quick trip to the store, quickly turned into what many would call a nightmare Thursday.

Trapped in a car, in the middle of an interstate, Swisher had a snake fall from her dashboard onto her feet. She said, “It was rough and scaly. And as it slithered across my feet, it was a nails on a chalkboard kind of thing.”

With nowhere to go. Swisher said, “I don’t know if I even had my hands on the steering wheel or not,” She panicked; “I am not the most flexible person in the world, but I can guarantee you that my knees were up next to my ears,”

In what may be the most oddest 911 call of the day, Swisher pleaded for help; “There is a snake in the car with me.” However, then the four-foot-long rat snake disappeared again.

Knowing the snake had crawled back up into her engine, Swisher had no other option but to pull off of I-49 and into the nearest shopping center, where she knew she could get a little more help. “Yeah no. That didn’t work out either,”

As she was parking her car, the snake dropped back out again. Swisher said, “Here he comes, and he wound up in the back seat of my car,”

The Washington County Sheriff`s office called out animal control, which eventually caught the snake. Swisher said she`s just glad the ordeal was resolved safely. “God had his hand on me. He protected me. He protected my car. That’s all there is to that.”

Adding her driving experience from here on out may be a little different. Swisher said, “I will watch my feet a little more closely.”

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