New York names park after rapper Heavy D

Heavy D died after collapsing outside his Beverly Hills home from a blood clot in his lungs

(CNN) – “Money Earnin, Mount Vernon” is where he was from. And now the legacy of late, great hip-hop star Heavy D has been immortalized at his favorite home town park.

Floyd Myers, Heavy D.’s Brother said, “This is the park we grew up in, I mean toddlers straight through our twenties, this is the park where it happened.”

Floyd Myers taking a look at his brother hip-hop superstar Heavy D, larger than life, captured in this mural. His legacy lives on.

Heavy D died in 2011, the city seeking to honor the rapper by renaming this park. It’s where he filmed his 1989 breakout “Money Earnin’ Mount Vernon” video.

Floyd Myers: “This Park has a lot of stories to tell.”

Stories from the birth of hip-hop.

Linda Jean, a Fan said, “My favorite song was, ‘I got nuthin’ but love for ya!'”

To a new generation. Bronx based artist Andre Trenier created the mural in just 4 weeks completed this spring what was once a dilapidated park. Now reborn thanks to grants from the New York Knicks and non-profit organization Kaboom.

Linda Jean, a Fan said, “When I came to the park, I’m like, it’s like wow…I remember watching the videos listening.”

Lisa Reyes: “The words across this mural, be inspired, it was Heavy D.’s last tweet before he died.”

Floyd Myers: “Every time you see, be inspired, it’s like he coined the phrase as he did Money Earnin’ Mount Vernon.”

Heavy D died after collapsing outside his Beverly Hills home. It was later discovered he died from a blood clot in his lungs.

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