Teacher in trouble for giving wedgies

One student told investigators he wrestled with Gustafson at Stratford high school around 20 times

STRATFORD, Conn. (CNN) – A Connecticut high school teacher is being investigated after parents claim he wrestled with students and gave them wedgies.

Police say their investigation into former Stratford High School teacher Gregg Gustafson began when a mother says her home surveillance video showed Gustafson rolling around on her living room and tickling her two sons. Later more parents came forward. One boy who admits he wrestled with Gustafson in his home after school says sometimes the former math teacher would treat him roughly and he was scared.

According to the affidavit, Gustafson slammed the boy to the ground. Then pulled the boy’s underwear from the back and front of his pants and gave him a ‘wedgie.’ Gustafson continued to pull on the underwear until they ripped. Gustafson tied the boy’s hands behind his back and around the boy’s neck. The boy stated that he was in pain and unable to breath.

Police say Gustafson would tell parents he was at their home to tutor their sons but would instead wrestle them once he was inside. One student told investigators he wrestled with Gustafson at Stratford high school around 20 times. According to the affidavit.

Gustafson would pull two boys from their sixth period class to wrestle. Gustafson would try to pull their underwear and give them wedgies. Police and the school district began investigating and Gustafson resigned from Stratford High School. However, police only arrested Gustafson after he allegedly tried to pay off one of the boys to change their story.

The affidavit states, Gustafson tried to bribe him in exchange for deleting any videos and saying anything about what happened when Gustafson tied him up. Gustafson offered $2,500 to $5,000. The boy expressed concern that if Gustafson goes to jail because of him, Gustafson will kill him when he gets out.

Police said Gustafson was charged with tampering with a witness and bribing a witness.

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