Springfield Police Ordinance Unit: Over 6,800 violations given this year

The weekly "Park & Walks" target blighted properties and issue ordinance violations

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield Police officers assigned the the Ordinance Unit conduct weekly “Park & Walks” through Springfield neighborhoods, and target blighted properties and issue ordinance violations that are obvious.

Springfield Police Sergeant John Delaney told 22News that the officers will give out violations for blight, overgrowth, unregistered cars on property, trash, graffiti and any other ordinance violation.

The main purpose of these neighborhood walks are to reach out to the community and talk to residents about any issues they might have, according to Delaney.

This year, the unit has issued citations for more than 6,800 ordinance violations. Delaney says that most of those blighted properties are not owner-occupied houses.

Delaney also said that in Tuesday’s deployment, the officers issued 126 violations in the neighborhood of Shamrock Street, Orange Street and the surrounding streets near Johnny Appleseed Park. During this, the officers came across an illegal plumbing hook-up wire, where a soil pipe was being emptied into a hole in the yard.

The ordinance officers will continue the neighborhood walks all summer and will try to get to every sector and street.

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