Massachusetts mother delivers daughter’s baby in parking lot

A dispatcher helps a woman deliver her daughter's baby

(CNN) – The screams of a young woman in labor giving birth inside an SUV were heard as her mother called 911.


Kevin Donovan is the dispatcher who answered the call when it came in Friday morning from the parking lot of a shopping center in Chestnut Hill. He said, “It doesn’t happen every day. It was kind of crazy, but I’m happy it went smoothly. It was a good outcome.”

This is the first delivery in the 6 years Kevin has been working as a dispatcher, but like all 911 operators, he’s been training for this, so he knows the protocols to obtain critical information and give vital instructions.


An ambulance and police officers arrived to assist. The baby girl was healthy, everyone took a deep breath afterwards. Kevin said, “I’m more nervous about this interview than going through that.”

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