Heroin customer robbed near North End convenience store

A man was robbed by 2 men he thought would sell him heroin

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The State Police Air Wing helicopter was assisting Springfield Police in the search for 2 armed robbery suspects near the North End Bridge, Wednesday night.

Springfield Police Lt. Brian Keenan said a man approached 2 Hispanic men asking if they had heroin he could buy. He said, “They walked him down to the river where one of them grabbed him, and the other put a gun in his face and demanded his money. They took $40.00 and took off. The victim went into the Pride Store and called police.” The victim was not hurt.

Springfield Police Lt. Mark Roland told 22News, “The State Police helicopter was nearby so they joined the search.”

Lt. Keenan summed it up this way, “Buying heroin is hazardous to your health.” He described the suspects by their clothing; one was wearing a tan shirt and cargo pants, and the other was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans.

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