City of Chicopee is running out of space for trash

The City recently passed a zero waste resolution

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Chicopee dumps trash at the city landfill on New Lombard Road, which is getting close to capacity. The dump site will be filled in late 2018, and the City is trying to come up with a “plan of action.”

City Councilor Adam Lamontage plans to propose an amendment to ban plastic bags and Styrofoam. He said, “To keep the waste from going into our landfill, we have to be more proactive when it comes recycling. We need more recycling, and the municipal needs to also raise revenue through recycling.”

The City recently passed a zero waste resolution. That means, more recycling and less waste.

The City also wants to reduce trash by providing residents with a smaller, 35-gallon trash bin. If you use more, the City would charge you $2 per bag.

Jack Wiblyi of Chicopee said, “Well quite frankly, we recycle as much as possible. So I think they need to find another location or find another alternate plan, because I don’t see what else we could do.”

According to City Councilor Lamontage, the City of Chicopee has an agreement with Waste Management to dump their waste for free in this landfill, but that won’t be the case moving forward. He said the City will spend nearly $600,000 more per year on trash disposal after their landfill closes.

Chicopee is still deciding whether to use an incinerator or find another landfill.

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