Father sells son’s truck over pot, goes viral

Father sells son's SUV after catching him 'smokin' dope'

(CNN) – It’s this craigslist ad that seems to have started a movement of parents standing behind local father Allan Gieger. Gieger went on to say, “Texas, Tennessee, just all over the place, telling me I’m not interested in your truck. I just want to tell you you’ve got Texas support and everyone supporting you with your decisions.”

Geiger says the reason this 1998 ford explorer is for sale, is because, quote: “he thinks it’s cool to drive around with his friends smoking’ dope and acting all thug. Especially not showing me and my wife the respect that we deserve.” He continued with, “I got the last little bit of roach that I guess him and his buddies were smoking, whoever gets this thing has definitely got to clean it out.”

So, dad decided to take the car away from his 18-year-old son. Adding a bonus for people who live in their neighborhood. Geiger said, “I had it for 15-hundred dollars, and I’ll take $250 off if someone from the Westside did buy it just so he could see it every now and then when he’s walking when he’s with his friends.”

The ad is getting attention nationwide. Geiger says he woke up to dozens of messages from strangers, supporting his parenting decision. He finished with saying, “I posted it one night woke up the next morning and seen a few shares, didn’t really think a lot of it and the next morning I woke up which was this morning and I had over 60 messages.”

Geiger’s son didn’t want to talk on camera, but we’re told, he’s remorseful, and focused now on getting his diploma. Geiger says this is just a little bump in the road for his son. He says if his son gets a job and saves one-thousand dollars, he’ll match the money and they can go and buy a new car.

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