Bottle returns after 3,000 mile journey

bottle message
Message in a bottle tossed into the sea three years ago off the coast of Maine winds up in Spain.

(WCSH) Three years ago a teen from Cumberland, Maine put a message in a bottle and threw it into the the ocean off Monhegan Island. To her surprise, last week, a handwritten letter arrived from a fisherman in Spain saying he found her bottle.

“I think it’s really cool,” said Terra Gallo.

Gallo, and her younger sister Nola were visiting their aunt on Monhegan when they decided to put messages in bottles and throw them into the ocean. Enough time had passed that Terra forgot all about the bottles. Now 14, she was happily surprised to learn a fisherman out catching hake plucked her bottle out of the ocean.

Terra looked at maps of ocean currents and believes the bottle has traveled more than three thousand miles from the Gulf Stream to the North Atlantic Drift and the Canary Current.

“At first, we were really surprised, wow, all the way to Spain, and when we looked at ocean current then it made sense that it went that way,” said Terra.

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