ISIS child bomb maker escaped

ISIS captor told them the emir ordered the children to assemble bombs

(CNN) – Aisha quietly twirls the end of her braid as we try to talk to her. Under ISIS captivity the emir had ordered her to assemble bombs.  Her mother Dileen, cradling her youngest, says Aisha barely speaks and is now afraid of strangers.

Dileen says their ISIS captor told them the emir ordered the children to assemble bombs. Dileen stated, “The work to make the bombs was at the basement of the building we were in, they took my daughter from 5pm until 1am. Aisha was only six years old at the time. Dileen was terrified her daughter would get blown up. But they did not have a choice.

Aisha finally speaks. She stated, “We were in a place and they would dress us in all black and there was a yellow material and sugar and a powered and we would weight them on a scale and then we would heat them and pack the artillery.”

An ISIS militant would then place the wires to complete the bomb. The family were among the thousands of Yazidis captured by ISIS. The last time Dileen says she saw her husband, his arms were in the air and he was being marched away.

Dileen was sold and raped regularly. She did not resist the children’s lives were at stake. But she also knew that she had to escape before Aisha turned of age where ISIS would consider her suitable for marriage

Finally their captor left for an operation, giving Dileen the change to call a relative who was already smuggling captive Yazidis out of ISIS territory.

Dileen stated, “I begged Abdullah that he has to hurry up get us before my daughter turns 8 because they would take her.” Dileen tells us she can only hope that one day perhaps Aisha will forget she was an ISIS slave and will know what it is to be happy. As for her, it’s too late. She also stated, “Husband is always on my mind, I am always aware that he is not with me. So I cannot forget what we went through.”

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