Chase with kidnapping suspect caught on camera

The chase slowed briefly then it was back to the races with the frantic woman by his side

(CNN) – The chase began when a state trooper spotted a pickup others had reported was driving recklessly down 71. Just above Kings Island, the trooper made the traffic stop when he asked the driver to get out. Thomas Gorman hit the gas.

With a woman he is now charged with kidnapping by his side. Gorman shot south on I-71 weaving through traffic. Narrowly missing an ambulance in one case and of course when he hit construction that did nothing to slow Gorman down.

From 71 he took the ramp to jump on 275 heading west. After several miles on 275 the full size truck clipped another vehicle with the right rear fender of his truck.

That cost him a tail light and a tire. The chase slowed briefly then it was back to the races with the frantic woman by his side. The three wheel driving lasted a few miles before his right front tire blew out. Gorman still did not stop.

Making it a few more miles before a trooper got the okay from a supervisor to make contact and spin out the truck. The troopers used their SUV’s to pin the truck against the barrier. As the troopers free his passenger and fight to get Gorman out, look the smoke from his spinning tires.

During the couple of minutes Gorman spent struggling with officers on the ground he just kept saying ‘I’m sorry.’ and as they took him to the car he had one final message for the woman he’s accused of taking against her will. Gorman said, “I love you babe.”

Gorman faces several charges including felonious assault and kidnapping. He is currently locked up in the warren county jail.

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