5 homeless after apartment fire at Alpine Commons in Amherst

Firefighters were able to clear out the apartment building, according to Amherst Fire Chief Tim Nelson

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – A fire at Alpine Commons apartment complex has left 5 people homeless.

The fire started in the attic of building number #1, which has 8, four bedroom apartments. Amherst Fire Chief Tim Nelson told 22News, by the time fire crews arrived, the fire was through the roof. The roof has collapsed.

Crews have been battling this apartment fire since 1:30 this afternoon. A maintenance worker discovered the fire and called 9-1-1. The worker noticed smoke coming from the attic of the apartment complex, which is not occupied.

Maintenance manager Gary Rinker told 22News, his first reaction was to make sure everyone was out of the building, including his crew. His swift action, saved 5 tenants, who were home at the time of the fire. One resident told 22News, it all happened so fast. “I heard someone at the door and I just came out to see someone yelling, at us, to get out of the house! We didn’t smell any smoke. Our fire alarms didn’t go off or nothing. But when we came out, there was smoke everywhere.”

Firefighters were able to clear out the apartment building, according to Chief Tim Nelson. No one was hurt. A couple of firefighters received IVs for heat exhaustion. Fire crews from South Hadley, Hadley, Belchertown, and Pelham provided relief to Amherst fire department.

Fire Chief Nelson told 22News, crews expect to be there for another 5-8 hours making sure the fire is completely out. Chief said, today is the worst day to fight a fire, because of how hot it is.

Traffic was closed to Belchertown road. Cars were diverted to South East street to Stanley, which comes back onto Belchertown Road.

No word on what started this fire. It’s currently under investigation.

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