More bear sightings in western Massachusetts

Black Bears have been known to travel 100 miles in search for food

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – More and more people are seeing bears this spring, including Franklin County.

Bears prefer to eat fruits, nuts, and plants. Black Bears have been known to travel 100 miles in search for food.

Greenfield’s Animal Control Officer, Kalin Giurgiu told 22News, he’s recently had several calls from people seeing bears in this area. He said bears are usually harmless, but you should always take precaution. “We have to be ready just in case they do attack,” said Giurgiu. “Sometimes they do, but most of the time they go away on their own.”

Giurgiu said the main reason bears end up on people’s property are bird feeders. Andrew Cancellieri of Bennington, Vermont said, “We lost our bird feeders one year but I took them down. From then on we just take them in, first thing in the spring.”

Erving Police offered advice to keep bears away from your house. Keep garbage secure until collection. Clean your grill and take down your bird feeder. If you meet a bear, back away slowly and quietly and do not run away. They’re faster than you.

If you have pets, feed them indoors. Bears are typically afraid of dogs.

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