New gadgets help keep students on track over summer break

(NBC News) – School is almost out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean your student’s brain should go on vacation.

Research shows some students lose two months of learning during their school break.

Suzanne Kantra of Techlicious says intrucing learning into everyday actvities can be a great way to counteract that, and several toys and gadgets can help.

Fisher price’s new Codeapillar, out this month, can introduce coding concepts at a young age.

“They can put together sequences and then watch the Codeapillar do a series of turns or play music based on how they put the catepillar together,” she explains.

The Ravensburger Smartscope can turn any smart phone or tablet into a microscope.

Meanwhile, monitoring screen time takes on added importance in the summer when kids have more free time.

“You should always establish rules with your kids about where and when it’s appropriate to use electronic devices,” Kantra says.

Banning phones from the dinner table is a popular one, but set expectations ahead of time and take advantage of apps and parental controls on devices.

Products like “Circle with Disney” can help enforce those rules for everyone, including mom and dad.

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