WMass, Conn. officials partnering to promote “Knowledge Corridor”

40 educational institutions can be found between New Haven and Greenfield

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – From Greenfield down to New Haven, Connecticut is a distance of only about 100 miles.  Still, those cities are generally not thought to be a part of the same area. On Friday morning, however, a conference was held to explain how Greenfield, New Haven, and everything in between can become one: they call it New England’s Knowledge Corridor.

“Thousands of people got up together and went to jobs in Connecticut, thousands of people got up in Connecticut and went to jobs in Massachusetts. They didn’t need a passport, they didn’t stop at the border, they probably didn’t even notice. We’ve got to begin to get our behavior and thinking in sync with the reality,” said Tim Brennan of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission.

The purpose of this conference was to bring businesses and universities from western Massachusetts all the way down to Connecticut together to discuss how they can benefit from each other.

“Reality is we’re about half an hour away from each other, most cities in the country, you could drive half an hour and you’d still be in the same city, and the opportunity to talk about how we can combined our assets, use them together to market this region as a powerhouse in the country, is something that would benefit both of our cities,” said Luke Bronin, Mayor of Hartford.

The New England Knowledge Corridor Partnership hopes that by joining western Massachusetts and central Connecticut, which are made up of more than 40 higher education institutes, will help the region stay competitive in this changing economy.

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