Greenfield’s goal to become a “Bee Friendly” city

Greenfield Bee Week runs for two weeks until June 18th

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The third annual “Greenfield Bee Week” kicked off Friday night with a “honey tasting.”

“Bee Week” is a fun way to educate people about serious issues facing bees. They’re an important link in our food chain, pollinating an estimated one-third of everything we eat.

Wes Hiller, a bee lover from Greenfield,  said, “I came up with a tee-shirt called “No Pollination, No Population,” cause that’s kind of what it amounts to.  If we don’t have the pollination going on, and take care of our winged friends, we’re not gonna have the food we need to continue our existence.”

United States bee populations have been cut almost in half by pesticides and colony collapse disorder. President Obama’s “Task Force” last month released a strategy to promote health in Honey Bees.

Greenfield Bee Week runs for two weeks until June 18th.

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