East Longmeadow Select Board: “We will not settle”

Board responds to Neffingers request for compensation, citing wrongful termination

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The dispute deepens between former East Longmeadow Town Administrator Gregg Neffinger, and the town’s Select Board.

Neffinger claims he was wrongfully fired, and he deserves to be compensated. The Select Board disagrees and said if it comes down to it, they’ll fight it in court.

“You have to weigh the pros and cons of ultimately paying him verses defending it, but I think our thought process now is we’d rather defend the case,” said East Longmeadow Select Board Chariman, Paul Federici.

Former East Longmeadow Town Administrator demanding to get paid

On April 19th, the Select Board voted to terminate Gregg Neffinger, but he claims they didn’t have the authority to do so. Neffinger sent the Select Board a letter, claiming the new town charter prohibits the board from hiring or firing employees. The board claims there’s a clause in that charter, which allows them to fire someone if it’s an emergency.

Federici told 22News he’s talked to several members of the charter commission, and they’ve told him they agree, firing Neffinger was an urgent matter.

Neffinger is seeking around $14,000, what he would’ve been paid through June 30th, had he not been fired. June 30th is when the charter takes effect, which would have ultimately rendered his position void.

The Select Board replied to Neffinger’s letter, informing him they will not settle. 22News tried contacting Neffinger on Friday to see if he plans to file suit, but he has not returned our calls.

East Longmeadow residents head to the polls Tuesday, June 7th, to vote on the 32 candidates running for the seven open seats on the new town council.

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