Connecticut River appears to be getting cleaner

22News explains why this is good news for the summer

The Connecticut River (Image: Shutterstock)

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Swimmers and boaters right now can enjoy a cleaner Connecticut River mostly because of the dry weather. The Connecticut River Watershed Council works to prevent pollution of the water and keep the river in good condition.

The council has begun its annual testing of water samples for the river. Those samples test for E. coli and other bacteria that could live in the river.

“For the most part, the samples are coming back pretty clean. There are some hot spots where we see spikes of bacteria and those are the places we are kind of researching a little bit more to figure out where that bacteria is coming from,” said Angela Mrozinski, the Outreach & Events Director of CT River Watershed Council.

Bacteria can spike after a storm due to sewer overflows and polluted runoff from roads. They recommended waiting 24-48 hours to go in the river after it rains.

The most recent water samples have come up blue, which means the lowest concentration of bacteria. Water samples will continue to be taken weekly until October.

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