Trump uses emails to question Clinton’s judgement

A fresh poll out of California shows Sanders is closing the gap

(CNN) – Clinton insists the revelations from an internal state department investigation won’t affect her campaign, or her presidency, but Donald Trump is already using the renewed questions to needle Clinton, saying maybe he’ll debate senator Bernie Sanders if Clinton won’t.

Hillary Clinton facing headwinds in her quest to close out the primary. This election is a make or break election. A fresh poll out of California shows Bernie Sanders is closing the gap now nearly a dead heat. This comes as Clinton is facing new scrutiny over her use of a private email server as Secretary of State.

Clinton states, “It was allowed, and the rules have been clarified since I left about the practice. Having said that, I have said many times it was a mistake, and if I could go back, I’d do it differently.”

Clinton back on defense after the state department’s inspector general says she violated federal rules.

Clinton states, “Just like previous Secretaries of State, I used a personal email. Many people did. It was not at all unprecedented.”

The report did find that some past Secretaries of State used private emails as well. But not in the same way Clinton did. The report notes the rules were updated the year Clinton took office. Her staff refused interviews with the investigators.

All this giving new ammunition to Donald Trump who said, “Actually I like her in the race. She has bad judgment. Probably illegal. We’ll have to see what the FBI says about it.”

Meantime, from abroad, President Obama downplaying any democratic disarray.  He states, “During primaries, people get a little grumpy with each other. You know, it’s just the nature of the process.” Saying there’s not much ideological difference between Sanders and Clinton calling for unity.

President Obama also stated, “I think that it’s important for us to try to end this in a way that leaves to both sides feeling proud of what they’ve done.”

Hillary Clinton will start to air television commercials on Friday in California.  A campaign official tells CNN, a sign she is taking seriously the California primary with Bernie Sanders, especially now that the polls show the race has tightened.

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