Trump clinches delegates for GOP nomination

Trump will hold a press conference Tuesday to offer details on the veterans groups, he donated to

(CNN) – Trump passed the magic number, 1237 delegates needed to ensure a first ballot nomination at the July republican convention.

Trump. Speaking in North Dakota, quickly taking a victory lap. And earlier taking a shot at Clinton noting he has something she does not: her own party’s nomination locked up. And Clinton isn’t the only foe on trump’s radar tonight.

Donald trump took a victory lap here in North Dakota after reaching the magic number of delegates needed to clinch the GOP nomination. But as trump has generated throughout his rise to this moment, he is still capable of generating immediate controversy.

After shaking hands with some of the delegates in North Dakota who helped him capture the magic number needed to clinch the GOP nomination, Donald Trump took note of who hasn’t reached the finish line yet. Hillary Clinton.

Trump on Hillary: “Here I am watching Hillary fight and she can’t close the deal and that should be such an easy deal to close.”

But the presumptive GOP nominee still has one other democrat. In his sights. Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren.

Reporter:  “She seems to have made it her job.”
Trump:  “Who Pocahontas?”
WOMAN:  “That’s very offensive.”
Trump: “Sorry about that. Pocahontas? Is that what you said? But, I think she’s as Native American as I am. Okay? That I will tell you. She’s a woman that’s been very ineffective other than she has a big mouth.”

Trump is also taking hits from president Obama. Who once again warned world leaders are alarmed over the real estate tycoon’s campaign rhetoric.

Obama on Trump, “They’re rattled and for good reason. A lot of proposals he’s made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude.”

Trump jabbed right back.

Trump on Obama, He’s a president whose allowed many of these countries to totally take advantage of him and us, unfortunately. And he’s got to say something. It’s unusual that every time he has a press conference he is talking about me.”

Trump also answered questions about comments made by his campaign chairman Paul Manafort who told the Huffington post the New York billionaire likely won’t select a woman or minority as a running mate because he wouldn’t want to be seen as pandering.

Not so, said the candidate.

Trump on VP search: “We’re looking for absolute competence, but we’re gonna have many women involved and I think that you are going to see that very strongly.

And trump signaled he is serious about winning over house speaker Paul Ryan. The two leaders spoke by phone overnight. And are keeping the door open to working together.

Paul Ryan, R-House Speaker said, “It was a productive phone call. Like I said, we’ve had these conversations.”

Trump on Ryan endorsement: “We’ll see what happens – we’ve had great conversations and we’ll see what happens.”

Trump announced he will hold a press conference Tuesday in New York where he will offer more details on the veterans groups that have received donations from himself. And other supporters.

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