Study will examine the feasibility of a Springfield-Boston rail service

The new travel time from Springfield to Boston would be 30 minutes less

train tracks
Photo Courtesy: MGNonline

BOSTON (WWLP) – The Massachusetts Senate unanimously passed a bill to study how feasible the rail service is now from Springfield to Boston, and how much it would cost.

Right now, the only passenger train from Springfield to Boston is Amtrak’s Lake Shore limited service. It only runs once a day and takes more than two hours.

“We cannot have a functioning Commonwealth if all the growth, if all of the job opportunities are focused in the eastern part of the state,” Sen. Eric Lesser said in his speech on the Senate floor.

Transportation Committee Chairman Thomas M. McGee said, “Expanding rail service continues to be one of the number-one priorities that we as a Commonwealth need to work on, in a bipartisan way, to make sure we are making a transportation system that works for everyone.”

A proposal calls for improving existing rail lines to serve several departures a day, with a travel time of 90 minutes.

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