Plan to put rattlesnakes at the Quabbin may be delayed

Massachusetts Senate has approved an amendment to delay the plan to put timber rattlesnakes at the reservoir.

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BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP)– Earlier this year, the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife first announced their plan to put a colony of the now endangered timber rattlesnakes on a part of the Quabbin Reservoir. The plan was to release one to ten snakes at a time each year.

“I think it’s beneficial. They’re not going to bother anybody. I really believe that if they want to keep the colony going then they should have it up there. It’s the best place that I can see,” Jerry Provoc, from Belchertown, told 22News.

The Quabbin Reservoir is the largest inland body of water here in Massachusetts. The land around the reservoir is a popular recreational place for hikers, fishing and hunting.

The plan to put rattlesnakes there has received a lot of pushback over the last few months.

Now, the state senate has approved an amendment to delay that plan. The amendment was proposed by Sen. Eric Lesser. It calls for a formal study of the benefits and dangers of the rattlesnake colony, with a full report to be released by the end of this year.

“I think that’s a good idea. I think there’s a lot of questions about it and I’ve heard a lot of different views on it. I don’t know there seems to be a lot of concern,” Barry Brown, who works in Belchertown, said.

The amendment still needs approval by the Massachusetts House and needs the Governor’s signature.

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