New study claims military spouses struggle to find jobs

Military programs offer classes on resume writing, interview skills and tries to pair you with employers

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Finding a job for military spouses is harder than ever. A recent study claims up to 42-percent of military spouses are jobless, compared to the civilian unemployment rate of 25-percent.

“It is more difficult to find a job especially if you are in the military,” said military spouse Alicia Nance.

Anywhere you go in Jacksonville, military spouses agree, “It’s a little difficult finding jobs here or really any military town because of the fact that we do move quite often,” said Bajia Connelly.

The struggle to find jobs is constant for those who only live in cities for up to four years.

Between frequent moves, deployments and raising families without your spouse, the day in and day out lifestyle of holding a steady job is almost impossible.

“You really don’t have that stability like most families do so. It is very different compared to like your average civilian family,” said Nance.

Blue Star Families released a report claiming the unemployment rate for military spouses is 18-percent, compared to the national jobless rate of 5-percent.

To help lower this statistic, military bases have programs to help spouses looking to start a new job.

“Assist them in finding those avenues in a new community and that’s I think the real challenge is you’re not familiar with the local area. You’re brand new so you don’t even know where to start,” said Sarah Carr, an advisor with Camp Lejeune’s Family Member Employment Program.

The program offers classes on resume writing, interview skills and tries to pair you with local employers as well.

Carr said one of the biggest challenges she sees spouses face is, “Having that interruption in whatever they were doing professionally, so I think creating that continuity, for our program is the best way we can help.”

To learn more about the opportunities the Family Member Employment Program offers, you can visit the Marine Corps Career Services office at Tarawa Terrace at Camp Lejeune or at Marine Corps Air Station New River.

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