Kicking off picnic season

grilling gadgets
Your Memorial Day barbecue is the perfect time to try out these new outdoor accessories.

(NBC News) Memorial Day is just around the corner, and your holiday barbecue could be the perfect time to try out new picnic gadgets.

The Grillbot, a grill-cleaning robot, can help with the prep work.

When the meat cooking on that grill hits the right temperature, a Bluetooth thermometer can give you a heads up.

“You’re going to be able to go about 30 feet away and be able to get that notification when it’s time to come and get your food,” says Techlicious’ Suzanne Kantra.

If you forgot to make dessert, the Zoku Quick Pop Maker can save the day. Just pour in your favorite ingredients for homemade frozen treats in less than ten minutes.

You can also use the sun’s rays to take the party into the evening with solar-powered lights.

Luminaid is a inflatable solar-charged light it comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes. It floats, can change colors, and it’s portable and waterproof.

If your plans include boating or a trip to the beach, the Coolest Cooler might just live up to it’s name. It has a built in blender and speaker, and will save ice for up to five days.

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