Vacation booking secrets to save you money

MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Travel agencies like AAA in Milford are seeing a lot more people walk through these doors looking to book a trip that’s in their budget. For those of you that haven’t started planning, News 8 found a few insider secrets that may save you even more money when you do get started.

From the bags you bring to the time of day you choose to fly, choices you’re making could impact your price tag on vacation. Meredith Pavkov from AAA Milford let us in on a few travel secrets, like how booking and flying on Tuesdays can really save you money.

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“Monday is a big booking day because people are fresh off the weekend so they book Monday. Airlines want to keep that business going so they tend to drop the prices on Tuesdays,” she said.

Another tip: clear the cookies on your computer while you search for tickets. Internet browsers track your activity online and may increase the price before you have the chance to book it. You can also pinch pennies on your luggage.

“The easiest way to save on bag fees is to prepay them, A lot of airlines offer a discount if you book and do that in advance when you’re checking in, versus at the airport itself,” Pavkov said.

Also, follow the airport and airline on social media and download their apps for updates on price changes.

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