“They think I’m a monster”

shackled teen
Ohio stepfather accused of shackling teenage daughter in basement for nearly a year says his actions were "encouragement", not punishment, and that his kids loved it.

(WNWO) The Ohio man accused of shackling his stepdaughter to a beam in the basement of his Toledo home is speaking out about the accusation against him.

Police: Leg irons in basement where girl escaped

Timothy Ciboro, 53, has been charged with endangering children torture cruelly abuse and kidnapping to terrorize or inflict serious physical harm. He, along with his son Esten, were arrested last week.

When asked about the allegations surrounding him, from shackling his stepdaughter to a support beam in his basement to feeding her spoiled food, Timothy Ciboro refused to answer. Ciboro said he did not mistreat any of his children.

“I’m not worried about defending myself, we’ll do that in court,” Ciboro said. “Public opinion is not going to change. They think I’m a monster.”

When asked about the point system police say he used to punish his children, Ciboro claimed it wasn’t a form of punishment, but more for encouragement.

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